Wepham Wood Triangle

A straightforward walk on surfaced/partially surfaced paths. Good for winter if you want to avoid mud! Also lovely in spring for bluebells. The Dover Lane car park can be busy at weekends.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

2.9mi / 4.7km

Start / finish
Dover Lane car park

Free parking

Driving directions
—From Angmering it takes about 5-10 minutes to drive to the start.
—Make your way onto the A27 from Arundel Road and use the U-turn junction opposite Poling to double back, then a few moments later turn left onto Dover Lane. Drive up to the top and look out for the car park on your right.
—Putting ‘Dover Lane car park’ into your sat nav will get you there if you need additional assistance.

Step-by-step guide

  • Once you’ve parked, continue walking up the lane in the direction you were just driving (0, 0a). Keep right of the house at the bend (1).
  • Continue along the path / track past the timber stacks (2) and walk all the way up the gentle incline until you reach a T-junction and a field opposite. Turn left (3) to join a tarmac lane. You’re now walking along Monarch’s Way.
  • The tarmc lane winds through the woods and eventually you’ll reach a junction with a small unoffical parking area. Turn left here (4) and follow the track (4a) all the way to the bottom.
  • Eventually you’ll reach the track you walked on at the start – turn right (5) to follow it back to the car park.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.