Kithurst Hill

This is a walk suitable for all seasons but the wild flowers in spring and early summer are prolific. Footpaths are, in the main, wide and well-marked. No stiles. On return, refreshments can be had at Houghton Bridge if you turn left onto the B2139 and return via Arundel.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

4.7mi / 7.5km

Start / finish
Kithurst car park

Free parking
See above

Driving directions
—From Angmering it takes about 25 minutes to drive to the start.
—Make your way to Findon Roundabout via Long Furlong, and join the A24 to get to Washington Roundabout. Turn left onto the A283, passing through Storrington, then bear left (second exit) onto the B2139 / Amberley Road at the roundabout, then look for a left turn about 1.5 miles / 2 mins drive along this road (it’s signposted ‘Kithurst car park’ but the sign can be a little hidden in undergrowth during summer). The lane then winds upwards for about a mile to the car park at the top.
—Putting ‘Kithurst Hill’ into your sat nav will get you there if you need additional assistance.

Step-by-step guide

  • From the car park, walk straight ahead through the gate (1) and across the field in front of you (1a) – soon you’ll see a water tank over to the left (1b).
  • The path leads to a copse and then continues straight on the other side across another field (2).
  • The path then narrows and bears right, passing alongside a tall hedge on the right (2a). The footpath/bridleway signs clearly indicate where to go.
  • At the path juntion, go left (3) and then right (4) onto a well-kept gravel path (4a), which leads down to Lee Farm.
  • When you reach the T junction, go through the gate and turn right to walk between the farm buildings (5).
  • The path emerges onto a wide gravel track (6), which takes you through some trees (6a), and continues straight on, rising steadily, and opening up into fine views of the downs. Wild orchids stud the grassy bank in spring.
  • At a clearly defined junction, turn right (7) and pass through a gate, and take the right-hand chalk path (7a, 7b, 7c).
  • When you reach another junction, ignore the wider path going to the left, and take the narrow path to the right (8), and follow it for some distance, as it gradually rises (8a, 8b).
  • Eventually you’ll reach a junction – turn right (9) onto a restricted byway. At the next juntion, keep right/straight on (10) to join the South Downs Way, which will take you back to the car park (10a), which will be on the left.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.