Houghton Forest

An easy walk along well-marked paths through woodland suitable for any time of year, with particularly lovely colour in autumn. Some muddy patches, as to be expected in woods, but no stiles and fine for dogs. There is a small shop and takeaway cafe in the car park.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

2.8mi / 4.5km

Start / finish
Whiteways car park

Free parking

Driving directions
—From Angmering it takes about 15 minutes to drive to the start.
—Make your way towards Arundel via the A27 / Arundel Bypass, then join the A284 and follow it all the way up to Whiteways Lodge Roundabout. You’ll see the car park on the left just beyond the roundabout as you approach.
—Putting ‘Whiteways Lodge’ into your sat nav will get you there if you need additional assistance.

Step-by-step guide

  • Follow the path into the woods, walking past the Houghton Forest sign (1, 1a).
  • When the path forks, keep right, towards the timber stacks, and keep going straight on (2).
  • Stay on the main path, ignoring a path that goes off to the right (3), and then ignoring a path that goes off to the left (4).
  • Soon you’ll reach the top of the loop (as shown on the map above) – turn left (5). At this point, you’ll see farmland to your right through the trees.
  • Keep on the path a short while until you see a left turn (6) – take it (apologies, we don’t have a picture for this juntion!).
  • After a few minutes, at a T junction, turn right (7) to rejoin the path you walked up on. You can now retrace your steps back to the car park.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.