Woods and Ponds

A walk comprising a good mix of woodland and open landscapes, showcasing some of the best scenery the immediate local area has to offer, and reasonably flat throughout. As you leave the woods, the walk goes along footpaths barely trodden by anyone, so things can get a little overgrown, but that just adds to the general atmosphere. There are a few stiles, some higher than usual, and you do have to cross the A27 at one point, so it’s recommended to avoid doing the walk during rush hour and other busy times.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

5.4mi / 8.7km

Start / finish
The Square, Angmering

Free parking
Various free options around the Village Green

Step-by-step guide

  • Walk from The Square up Water Lane for about a quarter of a mile, before turning left into Dappers Lane (1).
  • Continue all the way up Dappers Lane, right to the top, then follow it down as it goes under the A27.
  • Once you’ve gone under the bridge, bear left onto Swillage Lane (2), and follow it down. Soon you’ll pass by Poacher’s Pond on the right, then reach a gate (3), where the road turns into a track. Keep going straight on, up towards the woods.
  • Keep going up the track until you reach a T junction (4), and turn left, and follow that track, looking out for a nice view on the left through a break in the trees.
  • Keep on the track until you reach a tarmac lane, and go straight across (5), continuing in the same direction you’ve been walking.
  • Soon you’ll reach another crossroads – again, keep going straight (6), onto a tarmac lane with a fence and open fields on your left, and trees on your right.
  • Keep walking down here until the lane bends off to the right. At this point, look for a stile on your left (7), going into the adjacent field, and cross over it.
  • Walk straight across the field, looking out for another stile (8) the other side (this isn’t a well-trodden route, so don’t worry about there not being an obvious path – it’s definitely a public right of way).
  • Once over, turn right and follow the track as it bends round to the left. There are usually horses in the field to the right.
  • Soon you’ll reach another stile (9), and be able to see Chestnut Tree House just beyond to the left.
  • Follow the path to an iron gate, then shortly after go over another stile and over a small ditch crossing.
  • The path can be quite overgrown at this point, and twists and turns through a copse before reaching another stile, which you go over and then turn left (10).
  • Follow this path until you get to the A27, and cross over. If it’s busy, just be patient – there will be a gap in the cars sooner or later.
  • Once you’ve crossed the road, look out for the footpath sign (11) indicating where the path continues, and go down some steps and follow the path, which soon opens out a field on the right, and a nice house on the left.
  • Walk past the house, almost to the corner of the field, then double back in a V shape (12), diagonally across the field you’ve just walked alongside.
  • Go left into the thicket of trees, and keep on the path as it opens out into a field, and go across.
  • Soon you’ll reach another stile (13) and directly opposite are Decoy Ponds.
  • Go between the two ponds, alongside hedges on your right, and walk across the next field towards a farm bridge going over a stream, and go left over it (14).
  • Keep on this path, through a gate and over a couple more stiles, all the way across the fields, until you go over one last stile onto The Thatchway (15).
  • Follow The Thatchway down to Station Road, then turn left to get back to the village centre.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.