Woodland Wander

A walk from the village onto Angmering Park and return. Good for dog walkers. No stiles. This walk is lovely in the heat of summer as it meanders through the cool woodland. Some parts can be muddy in winter. The tracks are mostly wide but uneven underfoot in parts.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

4.2mi / 6.7km

Start / finish
The Square, Angmering

Free parking
Various free options around Village Green

Step-by-step guide

  • Walk along Water Lane from the centre of Angmering and turn left onto Dappers Lane (1).
  • Walk the entirety of Dappers Lane, going through the underpass, and then bear left onto Swillage Lane (2).
  • Walk down Swillage Lane and turn left (3) onto a footpath going between fields, opposite Poacher’s Pond.
  • On the other side, walk over the small ditch and through the hedge using the wooden bridge, and turn right onto a main path (4).
  • Follow the path (4a), going straight on at a crossroad junction (5), where there is a gap in the trees, to emerge onto a field, and walk across it.
  • On the other side there will be a gate in front of you – turn right here (6) and follow the edge of the field. The path continues to skirt the field but narrows, and soon you’ll emerge from some trees onto a main path – turn left onto it (7).
  • Follow this path as it steadily climbs and bends from time to time. Eventually the path merges with another main path, and at this point, turn sharp right (almost doubling back on yourself) onto that path (8).
  • You’ll now be walking downhill. Go straight across at the first crossroads you come to, and at the next crossroads, turn right (9).
  • Soon you’ll come to where you emerged from the field a little earlier. Turn left here (10) and follow the path as it curves to the right, then take the left turn (11) onto the stony track, going downhill.
  • After going through a gate (12), this track eventually becomes Swillage Lane, so just follow it until you recognise where you were earlier, and retrace your steps back to the village.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.