Decoy Ponds

A pleasant stroll across open farmland, past scenic ponds and through some woods, before heading back towards the village centre on footpaths skirting fields. On the final approach to Decoy Ponds, the field you walk through often has cattle, so keep dogs close, and the field after Decoy Ponds is currently quite overgrown with rapeseed, which can be dangerous to some dogs.

Blue square = 0.6mi / 1km
Numbers = directions (see below)

2.8mi / 4.5km

Start / finish
The Square, Angmering

Free parking
Various free options around Village Green

Step-by-step guide

  • From The Square walk up Station Road past the Village Hall and turn right into The Thatchway (1), following the road for about 10 minutes, until it banks a hard left.
  • Leave the road by carrying staight on (2), in the direction you’ve been walking, over the stile and onto the footpath heading across the fields.
  • Walk across the fields for about 25 minutes, keeping to the signposted footpath. About halfway along, you’ll be walking over the site of what was once a substantial Roman villa (3), though nothing visible now remains.
  • After crossing the stream (Black Ditch; once a main tributary of the River Arun) on the metal bridge, bear right (4) across the field towards the iron gate to arrive at Decoy Ponds (5) – a good spot for a break.
Black Ditch
  • Go over the stile opposite the two ponds you initially approached and take the footpath through the field. After the field the path will take you through a small thicket, before forming a T junction.
  • Take the footpath going to the right (6), crossing diagonally across the field, and then into another wooded area, with an impressive pond (7) on your left side.
Decoy Pond
  • Keep following the path as it takes a right, then a left, until you reach the back of the playing fields accessible from Decoy Drive.
  • Just before the playing fields, take the path going off to the right (8), with fields on one side and the backs of gardens on the other.
  • Keep following this path until you reach the small, atmospheric Roman Catholic cemetery of St Wilfrid’s (9), then take the path left, adjacent to the cemetery, until you reach Arundel Road, which will take you back to the Village Green.


The numbered images below correspond to the above directions.